I joined MNAES to have a voice at the Legislature. For so long it seemed that contractors were at the mercy of insurance companies. They had money and power and clout to have laws written in their favor, and it seemed that the ones getting hurt were the homeowners. Your average homeowner doesn’t deal with claims often, and doesn’t realize the slow erosion of coverage and rights that we see every day. Our voice holds the insurance industry accountable. I also joined MNAES to promote professionalism. There are a lot of really good contractors out there who do their best for homeowners, and sharing tactics and best business practices only improves the industry as a whole.

– Tracy Dahlin- Iron River Construction

I have appreciated the professional cooperative working relationship with the leaders and members of MNAES over the years.

– Charlie Durenberger – Department of Labor & Industry – Head of Enforcement

We were thrilled to join MNAES because we believe in what they do for us!! Knowing that our support is in good hands with MNAES allows us to focus on what we do best – Exterior Construction. From the beginning, MNAES went to work on the behalf of contractors to ensure that we got paid in a timely manner from mortgage companies, and have continued to endure battles at the Capitol with legislation and insurance companies to protect our rights. These measures are so crucial to our business, and all too scary to think what we would have to deal with on a daily basis without this group looking out for us! We will definitely continue our support of MNAES for years to come…

– Joe Halstead– Allstar Construction & Maintenance

I have been involved in MNAES since its inception. As an attorney who works primarily with construction contractors, and frequently with exterior renovation contractors, I value MNAES as an organization that promotes best practices for contractors and continues to protect the consumer at the legislative level from the continuing attempts by property casualty insurers to restrict the ability of insureds to have their own construction advocate and receive full payment for restoration of a covered loss.

– C. Alden Pearson – Attorney at Law

It is truly an honor to have our company affiliated with the MNAES. In and industry laden with unwarranted stereotypes and constantly scrutinized, ever changing codes and regulation. It is of utmost importance to align with advocates for truth and transparency. All too often in our 20 years in this business we as owners have embraced the “go it alone” mentality while navigating the policy and law constantly changed by the state and the insurance companies. Its hard enough to trudge through running a legitimate business itself let alone averting the mine fields that are constantly laid before us in this industry. I am grateful for our relationship with the MNAES and look forward to many fruitful years of future affiliation. Thank you for your countless hours of due diligence that have enabled our company to adhere to and stay abreast of  an ever changing industry that we have chosen as our life’s work.

–  Ashco Exteriors Inc.